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Emotions, Somatic Therapies, and Psychology

In the video below I discuss emotional healing and somatic therapies with American psychologist Douglas Holwerda. Topics we cover include the purpose of emotions, as well as the practice of locating emotions that are held in the body. One way that we repress our emotions is to bury them in the body and this may manifest in a variety of symptoms.

Using what I call the Big 4 methods of somatic therapies, we can help people to release and process their emotions. The Big 4 includes breathing techniques, touch, movement, and sensory-related processes. One of these sensory-related somatic processes is to have people locate where they feel emotions in their bodies. This practice can allow people to go deeper into the emotion, and externalize the emotion through metaphorical images or other sensory experiences that may arise.

This is the first 40 minutes of an hour-and-a-half-long interview. The rest of the interview, along with additional interviews, videos, audio recordings, and written material are included in my somatic therapy class. You can read more about that here somatic therapy class.

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