James (Jim) Spears M.S.

Spain, 2018

I have practiced acupuncture and yoga for over 20 years, and am passionate about sharing the medical arts, movement therapies, meditation, and mind-body practices.  

I graduated from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in 2001 with a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine. I have also studied in five university hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, and Hangzhou. From 2008 - 2011 I lead educational tours to China for doctors and post-graduates. I have practiced and taught acupuncture and yoga in the US, Vietnam and Thailand.


In 2010 I published Meridian Circuit Systems. My current research is on Master Tung’s points and how they relate to fascial plane anatomy. From recent breakthroughs in connective tissue and fascia, much can be understood about traditional acupuncture point energetics. I am currently developing a series of courses related to acupuncture, myofascial lines, biomedicine and structural therapies. 


I enjoy studying medicine and the physiology of how acupuncture works. It is an aspiration to bridge acupuncture research with modern medicine.  


I'm a strong advocate of movement therapies and have been teaching qi kung and yoga therapy to my clients for many years. My current interests in yoga are to develop yoga therapy programs that integrate asana practice, research in fascia, and my knowledge of Chinese medicine and meditation practices. 


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