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Acupuncture & the Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is a primary system for regulating body homeostasis, organ functions, and yin-yang balance in the body. Additionally, stress can have acute and chronic effects on the ANS, body, and mind. By understanding various kinds of stress responses including acute, chronic, and traumatic stress, acupuncturists can learn more about how needle techniques regulate the ANS and organ systems. 

Webinar ANS, Acupuncture, and Stress, Part 1

This video is the first 15 minutes of a webinar on acupuncture, stress, and the autonomic nervous system. In it I cover stress and trauma responses of the ANS and how this relates to Chinese medicine.

Webinar ANS, Acupuncture, and Stress, Part 2

This video is on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and in it I discuss how it relates to the ANS and pulse diagnosis. It is an excerpt from the acupuncture and stress class. 

Webinar ANS, Acupuncture, and Stress, Part 3 

In this video I discuss polyvagal nerve theory and how it is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system. A holistic health map is also presented that accounts for physical, energetic, mental, social, and environmental factors. 

Webinar ANS, Acupuncture, and Stress, Part 4 

This portion of the webinar discusses interoceptors and why they are important to consider when treating the ANS and shen disturbance patterns. I also discuss 5 key areas where people hold stress and emotional tension, as well as the Big 4 treatment methods used in somatic therapies. 

In my new class I elaborate on:

How stress and trauma affect the ANS / Yin-Yang Balance


Ways that acupuncture can assist in modulating the ANS


How needle techniques affect the ANS in different ways


Three key things to assess in our clients including ANS activity, sensitivity, and responsiveness


Pendulation and titration and how this applies to acupuncture 

Breathing exercises that modulate the ANS


How ear acupuncture affects the PNS and why it is so powerful

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The ANS is closely connected to the viscera and emotional centers in the brain. Read more about my somatic therapy class here, and be sure to get both of these together.  
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