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Education in Acupuncture, Holistic Health, & Wellness Retreats 

Acupunture points and fascia
Thai massage, sen lines, and acupressure
Craniosacral Therapy the Greater Vault Hold

We offer a variety of online and live classes in acupuncture,

acupressure, craniosacral therapy,Thai massage, and more. 

It is our goal at the Integrative Healing Society to provide high quality education for doctors, health care professionals, and the general public. Our online acupuncture classes integrate traditional teachings with modern biomedical research. 

We also offer online classes in acupressure for conditions like headaches, migraines, neck, and shoulder pain. Learn easy to use techniques for alleviating pain. Additionally, we offer classes in craniosacral therapy and structural integration that are suitable for massage therapists, health care professionals, and others interested in learning manual therapies.   

The lung meridian and acpuncture points, lung 7, LU 7
Acupuncture Treatment
Master Tung's points, lower three emperors, 77.17, 77.19, 77.20
Ear pressure points for headaches and migraines

Our acupressure classes are designed for laypeople and massage therapists so that they can benefit from the healing effects of pressure points. In the class Acupressure for Neck, Shoulder, and Upper Back Pain we cover dozens of acupoints and demonstrate how to get fast and effective results using simple techniques. Additionally, we discuss various movements, stretches, and yoga poses that help with correcting posture and stopping pain.

In the Acupressure for Headaches and Migraines class we teach the most effective methods for getting pain relief at home using pressure points and electric acu-pens. There is a lot of research that has demonstrated that electrical stimulation of the ear can reduce pain for headaches and migraines. The electric acu-pens are easy to use and you can use them at home on your own to supplement other treatments you are using. Learn more at Acupressure for Migraines

Holistic Health & Well-Being

At the Integrative Healing Society we believe in a holistic approach to heath, healing, and medicine. A holistic health practice should include the physical, psychological, social, and environmental aspects of our lives. 

Physical health requires good nutrition, movement, and exercise. For mental and emotional health, we recognize the importance of community, friendships, and family.


Self-awareness, meditation, and yoga are fundamental practices for well-being, and it is our goal and mission to alleviate pain and suffering, while also bringing greater joy to the world.


holistic health, acupressure and yoga
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