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Advanced Acupuncture Training in Thailand

The Sanctuary Thailand, events, and workshops on the beach

October 14 - 18, 2024

Join us in a powerful acupuncture training program in Koh Phangan, Thailand. This five day event will be held at the Sanctuary, which is a beautiful secluded health and detox resort. Tucked away in a hidden bay the Sanctuary offers a variety of health related activities including yoga, detox programs, as well as health and wellness workshops.

In this event we will cover acupuncture, myofascial lines, distal points, palpation,

and how to use touch and manual therapies with acupuncture.

Distal Acupuncture and Manual Therapies

Ling Gu, Da bai acupuncture points on the hand

Distal acupuncture, which needles in points away from the symptomatic region, offers many advantages over local acupuncture and trigger point style treatments. For instance, with distal needling we can have the patient move the affected region, practice range of motion (ROM) exercises, and use touch, massage, tuina, kneading, and joint mobilizations. 

Distal acupuncture is also safer than needling directly into the torso, neck, and joints. 

Myofascial Anatomy for Acupuncturists 

By learning about myofascial lines and their interconnected muscles, acupuncturists can gain a greater understanding of anatomy, joint structures, joint mobilizations, and acupuncture point functions. 

When myofascial anatomy is integrated with traditional forms of acupuncture, a whole new world of therapeutic affects open up. This allows acupuncturists to use less needles while also employing gentle methods of touch that patients love.  
Myofascial Lines representing the urinary bladder meridian, stomach meridian, and gallbladder meridian

Retreat Offerings and More

Sanctuary Wellness Resort

Over the course of five days we will dive into the above mentioned topics, as well as learn about Thai style detox, practice qi kung, meditation, and immerse ourselves in a healing environment. 

The Sanctuary is one of the finest boutique health and detox resorts in Asia and offers many opportunities to learn, unwind, relax, and meditate. Participants will have the option to attend daily meditation classes, and stay longer to participate in the detox or yoga programs. 

The Wellness Center at the Sanctuary

Additional Options

As part of the event, it is suggested that participants arrive early before the workshop, or stay a week after to immerse themselves in the healing environment. Located in Haad Tien bay on Koh Phangan, the Sanctuary offers a unique opportunity for resting and relaxing. Additionally, they have a superior vegetarian and pescatarian restaurant, daily yoga classes, a world class spa, and more.


How will you spend your extra time? On the beaches, hiking through the jungle, doing a detox, meditating, or engaging in various social activities. The decision and time is yours and we are here to make sure you get the most out of your educational holiday. 

A view of Haad Tien bay on Koh Phangan

October 2024

A view of the ocean from the Sanctuary restaurant


Educational Workshop, 5 Days

Classes will be held twice a day in 3 hour sessions from 9am - 12pm and from 2pm - 5 pm.


It is highly recommended to come a few days early so you can settle, nourish yourself, and enjoy the lovely views.  



If you choose to stay for another week you can do a detox-fasting program or participate in a yoga retreat.  

View from the Sanctuary restaurant


Early Bird - $1,999 USD 

(still available)

Regular Price - $2,300 USD

Price includes 7 days accommodations, breakfasts, 3 group dinners, airport transfers from Koh Samui, and tuition.

Not included in price: airline tickets, most lunches and dinners.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

Make a $499 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot on this life-changing retreat.

Payment Plans Available

Make a deposit and receive $500 worth of my online classes.
Choose what classes you want!
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