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Tung's Acupuncture Points 22.06 & 22.07 (Zhong Bai & Xia Bai)

Location: The points 22.06 and 22.07 are located on the SJ / TW meridian. The point 22.06 is located in the same position as SJ 3, between the 4th and 5th metacarpals, and 0.5 cun proximal to the knuckles.

22.07 is located one cun proximal to 22.06 / SJ 3. 

Indications: As a pair these points treat conditions of the san jiao and gallbladder meridians. They can be used for temple headaches and GB meridian sciatica. They also benefit the functions of the kidneys and can be used for nephritis, UTI's, kidney pain and lumbar pain.

22.06 and 22.07 also treat chest and costal pain.

​As these points are located on the hand and between the metacarpal muscles they have strong effects on the neurological and myofascial systems. These points are located on the Superficial Back Arm Line (SBAL) and influence the trapezius and deltoid muscles. 

As the GB and SJ meridians runs through the head and jaw they may also be used for TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia and migraines. 

Both of these points are also used for a variety of foot disorders including ankle pain and heel pain. 

Meridian Systems: The shao yang meridians connect to the jue yin and shao yin channels. Therefore, these points are useful for traditional kidney, liver and heart patterns. Thy may be used for kidney deficiency, liver yang rising and liver fire syndromes.   

SBAL Hand Acupuncture Points.png
Zhong Bai (SJ 3) & Xia Bai (Yao Tong Xue 2)
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