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Thai Massage - Integrating Traditional Massage with Acupressure and Yoga Like Stretches

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Thai massage is both unique and powerful, as it integrates various massage techniques with movement and yoga like stretches. Many forms of massage use methods like pressure, kneading, stroking, and rubbing. However, in Thai massage they also combine these with movement. The joints may be moved in therapeutic ways and stretches are often mixed into the routine. This provides added benefit to the fascia, joints, and muscles. Thai massage is also effective for increasing body awareness, releasing emotions, and cultivating mindfulness. 

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Thai Massage & Sen Lines

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Thai massage works with the concept of energy lines or sen lines. These are similar to the meridians in Chinese medicine, and sen lines are believed to be pathways where energy flows. The concept of energy is common in Thai medicine, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and yoga. Studies on how the fascia connect muscles, provides a myofascial and anatomical basis for traditional ideas about energy lines.   

Sen Lines & Myofascia

A detailed study of meridians, sen lines, and myofascial anatomy reveals many similarities between the pathways. Essentially, the meridians and sen lines follow the natural geometry of the body and divide it into various planes. For instance, there are meridians on the anterior, posterior, and lateral portions of the body. Similarly, there are superficial and deep myofascial lines that correspond to different levels of the meridians. By learning how traditional energy Iines relate to myofascial anatomy we can better understand traditional medicine and Thai massage. 
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Thai Massage & Yoga

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You can see from the image that the therapist has assisted the client to moving into bow pose. Notice how this stretches the front lines, especially in the neck, chest, and abdomen. In this pose the back lines will contract, and this helps to strengthen the lumbar area. Also observe how the therapist is placing pressure on the hamstrings and holding the wrists. This allows for a kind of acupressure massage while the client is in an assisted yoga stretch. It is this combination of pressure, massage, movement, and yoga that makes Thai massage so powerful. 

The Thai Massage Sequence

Thai massage follows sequences that allow for an unfolding process that benefits both the body and mind. Sequences may be modified according to a persons particular dosha (personal constitution), but typically the sequence will start at the feet with pressure and rotations. After that, pressure is applied to the inner ankles and up the inner part of the lower legs. Gentle rocking may be applied to the knees, before gently pressing up the top of the thighs. The video below from our class demonstrates these beginning movements.  

You can see from the video how Thai massage uses traction, compression, and movement of the legs to affect the lower back and hips. Stretching of the legs is also common in Thai massage and can be done by lifting the legs up so that they are 90 degrees to the floor. This stretches the hamstrings and posterior energy lines.

The above video also demonstrates how abdominal massage can be combined with gentle rocking of the legs.  

Thai Massage & ayurveda 

Thai medicine and massage shares many theories and practices with yoga and Ayurveda. The word Ayurveda means "life science" and is an ancient system of natural medicine that comes from India. As Thailand is located between India and China, many of the practices in Thai massage are similar to both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 

Body Healing


One common theory in all of these systems is 5-Element theory which proposes connections between the natural elements, the human body, and disease processes. In Thai medicine the five elements include: earth, water, fire, wind (air), and ether or internal space. In Chinese medicine ether is replaced with metal as an element. Five element theory is also linked to body characteristics, emotional temperaments, and internal processes. For instance, a person with a big body and large bone structures could be classified as having either a water or earth constitution. However, people with a fire element constitution tend to have athletic bodies, sharp distinct eyes, and strong intellectual abilities. The five elements also connect to the three doshas in Ayurveda.  

An online Class in Thai Massage

In our online class in Thai massage we provide step by step guidance with videos and a full bodywork sequence. Our class is unique because it integrates Thai massage with yoga therapy and Ayurveda. Our teacher Sebastian Bruno has 17 years of experience and teaches internationally in Japan, Thailand, and Europe.

Our class includes: 

10 Videos - Detailed with Great Camera Angles

Step byStep Guides to Sequencing

Slide Show Theory Lessons

A 90 Page Downloadable Course Manual

Teachings on Ayurvedic Diagnosis

Elemental Theory

Whai Kru Mantra

Bonus Meditation

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