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Somatic Therapy for Acupuncturists - Learn Effective Tools to Use for Shen Disturbance 

Watch this 45 minute video on somatic therapies.
In the video are practical methods you can use today!

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Somatic therapies use mind-body practices to alleviate stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other shen disturbance patterns. Body awareness practices involving sensations, feelings, touch, movement, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and imagery may be used in somatic based methods. 

Recognizing the inherent connection between the mind and body is a necessary part of the healing process for many mental and emotional disorders. While various talking therapies can assist in the cognitive, behavioral, and mental aspects of treatment, these methods may not be enough to alleviate accompanying physical symptoms associated with the emotions.


Somatic therapies give equal weight to the mind and body in the treatment process.


Somatic Therapy Online Course

In the class you will learn powerful and practical techniques for mind-body healing and somatic therapies. This is a fully engaged system developed specifically for acupuncturists and manual therapists. It consists of various modules carefully designed to work with what I call the Big 4 processes. These include sensory related processes, breath work, touch, and movement.

Features of the course include: 

10 Treatment Methods and Processes

Essential Communication Skills 


How to use Sensory Methods for Emotional Healing & Catharsis

The Importance of Boundaries

2 Hours of Video Discussions 


3. 5 Hours of Audio Files

A 40 Page PDF File

Systematic Processes that are Adaptable to the Clients Specific Needs and more


New Live Talks Begin Soon

Regular Price $199
Sales Price $149


Get the Course Today &
Save 25%

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