Worksheet Topics for NCCAOM Credits

The following points below are part of the NCCAOM requirements for obtaining PDA's and continuing education credits.  


This worksheet is to be completed as you go through the course.  It is not a test, and you do not need to submit the answers to me.  However, if you want to actively participate in questions and discussions regarding these topics, or other key points in the course, please feel free to email me. I am happy to share in active communications and case study reports.  


As part of developing your knowledge in the area of Tung's points and fascial planes, I encourage you to have total fluidity in knowing which Tung's points are on each fascial plane.


Here's the questions.    

  • List the Master Tung points we have discussed that are on the SFL.

  • Name the two major muscles in the neck that are part of the LL.

  • Name three other muscles that are on the LL.

  • Describe the relationship between the LL and the SBAL.  At which muscles do these lines meet?  How can Tung’s points on each of these fascial lines be combined?

  • Describe the course of the DBAL, and some of the major muscles on this fascial line.  What Tung points are on this fascial line, and how can they be used?

  • How do we understand the three leg yin meridians in the context of the fascial lines?

  • Why is it important to think of the fascial planes as an unique method of pattern identification?

Kind regards,

Jim Spears