Acupuncture & Fascia

What every acupuncturist needs to know about myofascial lines and connective tissues.  

SBL Fascial Line
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UB Meridian
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SFL Fascial Line
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ST Meridian
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Advances in connective tissue and fascia research has demonstrated an anatomical basis for the meridians. The images reveal some of the fascial lines as described by the anatomist and structural therapist Tom Myers.  

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Acupuncture & Fascia - 201

For acupuncturist doing TCM and other styles of acupuncture, and who have no prior experience with the Balance Method or Tung style acupuncture. 


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Tung's Points & Fascia - 202

This is designed for those with previous experience in the Balance Method and Master Tung's points. Here we explore how fascial lines explain the actions of Tung's points.


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